2015-03-12 12.30Our Distinctions

DistinctionsTrip Connoisseurs distinguishes itself as a specialist in the field of upscale travel that is recognized for offering exceptional service, anticipating the needs and desires of its clients, and getting its clients the best bang for their buck. This has resulted in a high level of client satisfaction, evidenced by repeat bookings as well as favorable testimonials and word-of-mouth comments.

To be honest, all businesses encounter customers who are difficult to please. Nonetheless, we remain committed to delivering an extraordinary travel experience to every corner of the Globe. If you are looking to travel with a company who cares about its customers and will do everything reasonable to provide the best service, then Trip Connoisseurs is the right choice.

Our Strengths

Eastern EuropeInternally, our team’s common goal, company culture, expertise and personal experiences enable our clients to make informed purchase decisions.

Externally, our decades-long business relationships built on mutual respect and unwavering dedication, have enabled us to work together as professionals with the travel trade and ground operators of host countries. Oftentimes we are perceived as the best choice on account of the utmost degree of reliability. It is this same dependability that is appreciated day after day by the people who deal with us, whereas they can count on the constant and dedicated assistance of our connoisseurs who are always mindful of the needs of our clients.

Our Added Value

Asia-MyanmarHaving extensive product knowledge and providing exceptional professional service is our added value and power. We are all veterans of the travel industry, “Veni, Vidi, Vici.” The best-added value we can offer to those who choose to book with us is in-depth, first-hand knowledge of the destinations, properties and tours we recommend.

Trip Connoisseurs uses its own unique booking system which handles the countless details involved in each booking. It was designed from the ground up to provide a clear and comprehensive outline for each and every travel itinerary. Our booking system can also capture the unique preferences of each traveler in order to understand their needs and thus deliver a more personalized experience.

The goal of everyone at Trip Connoisseurs is not only to meet the travel needs of our clients but to also anticipate them.

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