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    Selection of destinations & Initial consultation.
    Our website contains great variety of suggested programs for all continents. All our tour programs have been designed to stand on their own and to fit most of traveler’s interests and requirements. Please feel free to browse through them and we hope it will help you to make decision on your next trip.

    Once you settled on where and when you would like to travel or picked up an itinerary or just have the destinations you wish to visit, please complete the “Request A Proposal” Form on this page.

    We then will contact you to discuss with you the logistics and give you the suggestions and possibilities to fits the manner you would like to travel, the pace at which you like to move, the style of accommodations you prefer and things you would like to do. Whatever your passions are, just let us know, the more information you tell us, the better we can design the perfect trip for you.

    Receiving our draft itinerary and “ballpark” price.

    Once we have your information, we will work on constructing a draft itinerary for you or quote your choice of our small group journeys. Our proposal will outline the details of the trip, information on necessary visas and other pertinent information, and along with the cost.

    Once you have had a chance to study the proposal, and understand just what we can do for you, you can decide whether you would like us to continue to work on your trip.

    Fine Tuning and Proceeding with confirmation.
    If everything is set and you choose to proceed, we will require a deposit toward the cost of your trip and applicable payment for the flights. (Trip cancellation insurance is also available, and highly recommended.)

    Once we have received your deposit, we will continue to work on planning your trip, tinkering with and fine-tuning the itinerary until you are satisfied and then we will proceed to book the flights and to reserve and confirm all land arrangements.

    Pre-Departure Materials and your trip begins.
    We will send you pre-departure materials including everything from information on visas and vaccinations, to what-to-bring lists and background information about your destination. We will also help you with your visa applications to the countries for your upcoming trip.

    The final payment for your trip becomes due two months prior to departure. Once the final payment received, we will send your travel documents normally two weeks prior to your departure.