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Website & Brochure are all about various travel ideas that helps to create a trip of your own

Travel products are intangible, cannot be touched or seen before you actually start the journey. Our website and brochure are thought starters and idea generators as we provide the logistical travel routes, suggested length of stay and highlighted what’s to see and to do in each place, with indication of essential budget should be considered to help you create a trip in own styles, fits your interests and schedule.

You can opt to enjoy one exactly as it is laid out, or modify it in any way. Nothing rigid, we open to more of your ideas as well. If you can think of it, we can build it as we firmly believe your trip is your way, it should be a personalized experiences.

The best travel story weaves together with many elements, not only a ticket and a passport.

At Trip Connoisseurs, we craft itineraries centred around the cultural encounters, food experience, education and humanity, the best elements of any compelling tale that blend in unique cultural encounters, local cuisines and wines, authentic events & festivals, natural wonders & wildlife, health and relaxations.

Our years of on-the-ground experience enables us to go the extra mile to create one-of-a-kind trip completely from scratch for our clients. from-the-ground-up, authentic, compelling experiences that never compromise on comfort – a trip of a lifetime!

Reveal the world in unique and surprising ways with a Connoisseurs Signature Journeys.

The Connoisseurs Signature Journeys are crafted with authentic experiences, centred around a theme and escorted by our own experts, who brings in profound depth of knowledge and unique insights to enhance the travel experience.

This is not just a tour, it is an intimate and journey of lifetime!

After a long day of travel, you’ll want to rest up before hitting the historic bricks.

Whether you prefer the International brand or local boutique with charming ambience and great amenities, you won’t want for choice: Our selection of distinguished accommodations spans luxury hotels with sleek elegance to natural sanctuary Retreats to local flair with traditional motifs – a room to suite every purpose, budget and fancy.

You can spend endless hours reading hotel reviews online — or you can leave it to the experts of Trip Connoisseurs who know the right hotels and best fit properties for you in every locale you visit.

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