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Why small tour groups are better

Large groups only benefit the tour operator or travel agent who make more money. Of course there are rare instances where traveling in a large group is necessary but more often a small group is a far better value for your dollar.

The large group must travel in a large bus which limits the roads and areas the group can visit. Due to the group size larger hotels are required and their restaurants used for group meals. A lot of time is wasted waiting for group members to assemble for a days activity, loading the bus etc.

With a small group tour we often travel in a regular van, we can take back roads to out of the way places, eat at small local cafes, mingle with the people.

A smaller group can stay in quaint, family-run guest houses and local hotels. We can walk around town putting us in closer touch with the history and culture. Instead of being insulated on a bus you can experience and participate in the regions you are visiting.Smaller groups also have less impact on areas we visit Imagine in your own city if you traveled only by freeway and major highways how much of your beloved city would you miss?

For travel in Asia, South America or Africa there is no better way than with a small group and an experienced tour operator like Trip Connoisseurs.

Stay home, stay healthy, and tour museums virtually!

Dear friends,

First and foremost, we hope that you and your family are doing well and staying healthy.

At Trip Connoisseurs, we spent the last two months bringing all of our travellers home while making any possible alteration for those who were supposed to travel.

Although we believe that travel makes the world better, at this very moment, we are all staying at home to stay healthy, to protect those who we love, and to make the world a better place.

During this very difficult time, we have been thinking of more inspiring ways of keeping in touch with our many valued clients and wider contacts. We are convinced that it is crucial to stay connected to support each other.

Here is a select list of museums around the world where you can take a virtual tour. So when it is time, you will know exactly where you would like to go and where you would recommend your clients to go to.

Stay Healthy,
Trip Connoisseurs

Virtual Museum Tours

British Museum

Louvre Museum, Paris

Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Palace Museum, Beijing

Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

Uffizi Gallery, Florence

Pergamon Musuem, Berlin

Need more inspiring ideas? Visit our website at

2017 “Discover China through the eyes of your Connoisseurs” road show presentations in London, Kitchener and Mississauga

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Travel industry professionals gathered together in London, Kitchener, and Mississauga last week for the “Discover China through the eyes of your Connoisseurs” presentations hosted by the China National Tourist Office (CNTO) and Trip Connoisseurs.


Over a luncheon presentation, guests heard the current and next year’s tourism theme at CNTO, highlights of Trip Connoisseurs products to China as well as an exciting new product line at Trip Connoisseurs called “Connoisseurs Experience“, unique journeys centered around exotic destinations, authentic events, local festivals, wilderness and wildlife adventures, or unique cultural encounters. Find more information on the Connoisseurs Experience journeys at


Agents were also introduced and reintroduced to Trip Connoisseurs and its products and services, giving them confidence in promoting China and in educating their clients. Many of the agents thought it was one of the best introduction to China and enhanced their understanding of China as a great destination. The name “Discover China through the eyes of your connoisseurs” was particularly praised as many thought it was truly a presentation made by “Connoisseurs”.


Stay tuned for more events coming up in some other areas of the country. Sign up the eNewletters for latest news at

11 Indian Restaurants with Extremely Unique Ambience

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When it comes to road trip, we think about how to travel, where to visit or stay but all day travel, everyone thinks only about one thing, what to eat ? so here i am giving a few suggestions regarding the Best restaurants in India.

(11) Aer-Four Seasons, Mumbai 


This restaurant, Aer lounge is situated in Colaba, Mumbai, India. It is one of the most elegant restaurants of Mumbai. It hosts a number of curated events nights every month showcasing a number of Indian and global DJ’s. For non hotel guests, there is a cover charge of Rs 2500 per person on Fridays and Saturdays. Breakfast is served daily and features continental, International and regional favorites including soft, fluffy idlis. It’s highlights include waffles and city’s best banana pancakes. Dinner selections include seafood and homemade pasta as well as creative deserts and coffees.

(10) Bohemian, Kolkata


This restaurant is located in area of Ballygunj, Kolkata West Bengal. It offers cuisine like Bengali, Continental,Seafood, Desserts. It also provides meals such as Brunch, Lunch, Dinner and after hours. It is open whole week from Saturday to Sunday from 12:30 pm to  3:30 Pm. Nearby places to visit there are Peter cat and Barbeque Nation. It’s cost is approximately Rs 2000 for two persons . It is also known for Biryani and Tandoori. It provides home delivery services, gluten free options and private dining area available.

(9) Royal Cafe, Lucknow


Located in Hazratganj, Lucknow, India, this restaurant is exclusively for people who prefer cuisine of Chinese, Indian, Fast food, vegetarian and International. It offers meals for Brunch, lunch, dinner and after hours. It is good for waitstaff, seating, Delivery, takeout and buffet. Its opening hours are 11:00 am to 11;00 pm, whole week from Saturday to Sunday. Nearby places to visit are Tunday Kebabi, Idris Biryani, Barbeque Nation and Moti mahal Restaurant, Aryan fast food.

(8) Spectra, Gurgaon

Spectra wiwigo

This restaurant is located in the Modern part of Haryana, Gurgaon, India in the Leela Kempinski Hotel, ambience mall, ground level. It offers cuisines in chinese,Japanese, Indian, Sushi, Italian, International and Asian. Meals are also offered for breakfast, lunch, dinner and afterhours. It has double shift timings Saturday to Sunday 12:00 to 3:30 pm and 6:30 pm to 12:00 am. It is good for  groups, special occasion dining, business meetings and children friendly. Parking availablity, serving of alcohol, wheelchair accessible, reservations and full bar.

(7) Joffrey,Ludhiana

Geoffreys, Ludhiana

Located in 3rd floor, Ansal Plaza Mall, Gurdev Nagar, Ludhiana This punjabi restaurant offers lunch, dinner, brunch and afterhours. Offers additional services like seating, home-delivery, takeout and waitstaff. It is only good for cheap eats, child friendly and group meetings. It’s opening timings are from 11:30 am to 11:30 pm, whole week from saturday to sunday. Nearby restaurants to visit there are Red Mango, Yellow Chilli, Aman Chicken, Sagar Ratna and Indian Summer. It is famous for its sandwiches. It is featured in pocket friendly collection.

(6) The square- Sayaji Hotel, Indore

Sayaji Hotel wiwigoLocated in the Sayaji Hotel,Scheme 54, Vijay Nagar, Indore, This restaurant comprises a food cuisine in Indian, Asian, Vegetarian and Gluten free. It also offers meals in lunch, brunch, breakfast, dinner and after hours. The restaurant features Reservations, valet parking, wheelchair accessible, serving of alcohol,waitstaff and seating. It also features great buffet collections. It is known for Sunday Brunch. It’s opening timings are 7:30 pm to 11:30 pm. Nearby restaurants are Kebabs Vile, Joshi House, Shreemaya celebrity, Nafees restaurant and Mediterra.

(5) Virgin Courtyard, Chandigarh

virgin wiwigo

Located in the cleanest city of India, This restaurant in Sector-7,chandigarh is best suited for child friendly. It also features Reservations, Outdoor seating, Parking space avaliable, Takeout, serves alcohol and waitstaff. It offers meals in lunch, dinner, brunch and afterhours. Its main cuisine is Italian. Its opening timings are 11:30 am to 11:30 pm. Nearby places to visit here are Saffron, Pal dhaba, Oregano, Nik Baker, Mainland China, Baluchi, Pirates of grill, backpackers and Barbeque Nation.

(4) Cafe Mercara Express, Chennai

cafe wiwigo

Located in south India, Tamil Nadu, Chennai, this restaurant is good for business meetings, child friendly and local cuisine. It also features Television, Seating, Waitstaff, serves alcohol, Delivery and Reservations. 12;00 pm to 12:00 am. It offers cuisine in Indian, Gluten free, fast food, cafe, International and contemporary. It provides meals in breakfast, lunch, dinner, brunch and after hours. Nearby places to visit these restaurants are Pan Asian, Madras Pavilion, Peshawari, dakshin, Royal Vega.

(3) Jal Mahal, Jaipur

jal mahal wiwigo

Also known as the Pink city, this restaurant is located in ITC Rajputana hotel, Gobalpuri, Jaipur, Rajasthan offers a beautiful scenic view. It has a variety in cuisine in Indian, vegetarian, Asian and chinese and also meals in  breakfast, lunch, dinner and afterhours. It also features seating, parking facility, buffet, takeout, wheelchair accessible and also serving of alchohol. This is basically suitable for Child friendly, Special occasion dining and groups. Nearby places to visit there are Peacock roof top restaurant, kalyan rooftop and indoor restaurant, shreenath lassiwala, Anokhi cafe, Baluchi. It is ranked 8 out of 2500 restaurants in Jaipur.

(2) The Pavillion, New Delhi

pavillion wiwigo

Positioned in the one of the top hotels of india, This restaurant is in ITC Maurya,New Delhi. Its opening is of 24 hours. It offers cuisines in North Indian, South Indian, Chinese, Asian, Gluten free, international and Continental. It is famous for its Sunday Brunches collection with a good buffet spread and coffee. It also offers other services such as Reservations, Buffet, Validated Parking, Valet parking, Serves Alchohol, Delivery and buffet. It is good for business meetings, child friendly and groups. Its openings are for whole week, Saturday to Sunday, 7 to 10:30 am, 12:30 to 3 :00 pm, 7:30 pm-12:30 am.

(1) Windmills Craftworks, Bangalore

windmill wiwigo

This restaurant is ranked one of  the best restaurants of Bangalore, India. It is located in area of white field. Windmill Craft-works offers cuisines in American, Indian and European. It offers features for outdoor seating, Valet parking, waitstaff, Nightlife and WiFi. It is suitable for Groups, child friendly, Special occasion dining,  Bar scene and business meetings. Its opening hours are from 12:00 am to 11:30 pm. It also features in Microbreweries and best bars and pubs collections. It is also known for its one of a kind jazz theater and ambience.

If you plan to visit Indian Restaurants any soon, we introduce you to, Wiwigo, a cab rental company that overcomes all the disadvantages of travelling through the traditional methods for intercity travelling. You can plan immediate journeys. Dictate your own time of travel. Travel luxuriously with door to door pick-up and drop off facility with no extra charges. You can also save a lot by keeping track of the offers and discounts and availing an INR 2000 cash back at every ride. Wiwigo lets you avail the facility of one way travel, where you pay for one-way if you are travelling one side. Wiwigo has over 100 operational routes all over India. Wiwigo has an extremely user friendly online portal, a lightweight cab booking app and an 24 hours operational phone number, 08010 166 166 for booking the cab

5 Useful Tips if you Travel to the Amazon in Ecuador

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There are trips that everyone should do once in a lifetime. Travelling to the Amazon rainforest would be one of them, as it is a really exotic place and you can live an incredible adventure. However, to enjoy the experience, remember there are some things to keep in mind. We share with you some tips about the Amazon that helps to understand the place and enjoy the trip.

What is the best moment to travel there?
One of the best things in Ecuadorian Amazon is that you can visit it all year long, so start planning your trip at any time! The Amazon is hot and wet during the whole year but specially from April to September. October starts to be drier, so prepare your baggage depending on the month that you are planning on visit it. You have to be careful with your electronic devices, as humidity can affect them, so it is important to be prepared with some bags to store the devices and keep them dry.

What do you need to have in your baggage?
First of all, remember that it is important to be comfortable since there will be long walks through the Amazon. The best option is a backpack, but there are some things that are a must:

Use light colors, to avoid insects.
Wear comfortable and closed shoes to walk through the wet forest. It will be better if you consider to wear water boots.
Anti Inflammatories will be useful in case you suffer from headaches or insolation, as well as mosquitos’ bites.
Don’t forget some water!
Take a lantern and also a razor, two useful things for different situations in the Amazon.
There is a luggage allowance of 50 pounds to travel to Ecuador. In case you go to the Amazon jungle, you can take a small carry-on.

Explore the exotic fauna
The Amazon in Ecuador is an extraordinary place, but not only for the beautiful landscapes, but also for its mosaic of fauna. You will be able to find thousands of species, from the sneaky boa to the red piranha, and back to caymans, jaguares, spider monkey, amazon pink river dolphin and so many different species. Live this unique experience where biodiversity is the main character. Can you believe that in a single bush in the forest you can find more species of ants than in one entire island in Britain? So that is the biological richness that I am talking about!! So let’s be respectful with the environment of this amazing place.

Love birds? Be heedful when looking for macaws, these gorgeous birds are a poem for The sight thanks to their colorful feathers. There will be a professional guide assisting you during the whole journey who can solve any question that you may have about the local fauna.

Some useful tips about budget and personal documents:
If you want to travel to Ecuador you will need a valid passport, for at least six months before the trip. The best way to know what the requirements are, is visiting the Ecuadorian consulate web site before starting the trip. The local currency is US dollars, and MasterCard and VISA credit cards are widely accepted in Ecuador, especially in urban zones.

La Selva Ecolodge

What is the official language in the Amazon in Ecuador?
The main language in Ecuador is Spanish, but there are a lot of other traditional languages there, such as Quechua. Anyway, lots of people in Ecuador manage with English, so if you don’t have a dictionary, you can try with English too. You will see that ecuadorians are really friendly people, so you will feel at home. There are little communities there that keep some traditions of their own, such as shearing a local beverage made out of yucca with visitants. It’s name is “chicha”. It is recommended to try it but if you don’t feel like it, respectfully refuse. Also, if you want to take pictures of them, it is better to ask them before.

Some extra tips:

Enjoy tree climbing and also sport fishing, as the Amazon is more than an exotic place to take photos.
Most travellers agree that one week is the perfect length for travelling to the Amazon, as you will have enough time to enjoy excursions and activities. Remember that you have to count two or three days for travel and transfers.

Marcel Perkins
Owner & Managing Director at Latin Trails

Trip Connoisseurs’ women-only Peru, Indochina trips offer EBB for November bookings – Travelweek

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Trip Connoisseurs’ women-only Peru, Indochina trips offer EBB for November...

Trip Connoisseurs’ women-only Peru, Indochina trips offer EBB for November bookings

Thursday, November 17, 2016

TORONTO — Trip Connoisseurs’ new ‘Discover the World Through the Eyes of Our Women’ program features trips to Indochina, and also Peru, specifically for women travellers only.

Both trips come with added incentives for travellers who book by Nov. 30, making the tours ideal to give as Christmas gifts, says Mary Surbek, Director Sales & Marketing, Trip Connoisseurs.

‘Indochina – Through the Eyes of our Women’ departs Jan. 16, 2017 for a 13-day journey exploring the Mekong onboard the Aqua Mekong, including Angkor Wat, Luang Prabang and Hanoi. The land only price is US$5,995 per person and airfare is available starting from $612 plus taxes.

There’s also ‘Peru – Through the Eyes of Our Women’, a 12-day trip including treks through the Peruvian Andes to Machu Picchu, cooking classes, market shopping and more. The land only price is US$6,495 per person and airfare is available starting from $1,100 plus taxes.

Clients who book the Indochina trip by Nov. 30 get one 60-minute complimentary massage on Aqua Mekong, an evening performance in Siem Reap and a water puppet show in Hanoi. Clients who book the Peru trip by Nov. 30 get one 60-minute complimentary massage on Aria Amazon, a two-hour workshop at the ChocoMuseo in Cusco and a Peruvian cookbook.

Trip Connoisseurs is a new tour operator that specializes in upscale custom travel. “Our vision is to offer remarkable travel experiences that respond to a variety of tastes among discerning visitors while showcasing the world’s incredible heritage that prevails to this day,” says Trip Connoisseurs’ Managing Director, Chris Wang Achieving this vision relies on our ability to provide trips that truly open a traveller’s heart, mind and soul to the real cultures and natural wonders of our world,” said Wang.

Trip Connoisseurs’ 2016/2017 68-page brochure is now available, featuring product in Asia/Pacific, Africa, Middle East, Europe, the Americas and the North and South Poles. See

Custom travel specialist Trip Connoisseurs releases new brochure – Travelweek

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Custom travel specialist Trip Connoisseurs releases new brochure

Custom travel specialist Trip Connoisseurs releases new brochure

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

TORONTO — Trip Connoisseurs’ 2016/2017 68-page brochure is now available, featuring product in Asia/Pacific, Africa, Middle East, Europe, the Americas and the North and South Poles.

The new tour operator specializes in upscale custom travel, said Trip Connoisseurs’ Managing Director, Chris Wang. “Our vision is to offer remarkable travel experiences that respond to a variety of tastes among discerning visitors while showcasing the world’s incredible heritage that prevails to this day. Achieving this vision relies on our ability to provide trips that truly open a traveller’s heart, mind and soul to the real cultures and natural wonders of our world,” said Wang.

The company’s product lineup just about covers the globe, with 20 destinations in Asia including Vietnam, Hong Kong and Japan, plus India, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Tahiti. There are half a dozen destinations in Africa, several in the Middle East including Israel and Jordan, a dozen destinations in Europe and product in South America, North America, the Arctic and Antarctica.

Trip Connoisseurs also has luxury rail product including Rocky Mountaineer, Rovos Rail and Shongolo, and river cruises from the Yangtze, Mekong and Irrawaddy to the Adriatic and the Amazon.

Small group trips, family trips and private custom trips are available. See

Trip Connoisseurs Brochure On The Way – TravelPress

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Trip Connoisseurs Brochure On The Way

China - great wall - GC

Richmond Hill, Ont.-based Trip Connoisseurs – specializing in Asian and South America destinations and offering worldwide programs – is advising agents that its first brochure will soon be released.

The tour operator, which opened its doors in April, was founded by partners Chris Wang, Kerry Ke and Mary Surbek who have a nearly combined 70 years experience in the travel industry in North America.

Trip Connoisseurs offers itineraries for individual and small group travel, as well as custom-made upscale tours.
Agents can pre-order a copy of Trip Connoisseurs’ brochure at

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Packing tips for a River Cruise

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River cruises are so much fun and are fast becoming a popular vacation adventure, especially in Europe. However, like many vacations, packing for a river cruise can be a challenge. What do you bring? How much can you jam into your carry on? Here are a few packing tips to simplify your packing and focus more on your cruise.

Comfortable by day: Bring casual comfortable clothes for any daytime activities, such as walking on deck and sightseeing. Sun dresses, shorts, skirts, flip flops are all perfect

Dressy by night: Some cruises require dressier attire for dinner (jacket, tie, dresses), while others allow you to wear the same attire that you wore during the day. The best way to find out about river cruise line this out is to ask your river cruise line directly. To be on the safe side, bring at least one or two dressier outfits. There are sure to be special events that you will need to dress for and you’ll be ready.

Pack for activities: Playing tennis? Going hiking? Love to swim? Make sure you pack clothes for whatever activities you will enjoy.
Guidebooks: make sure you have a guidebook for wherever you are going. Do some research ahead of time about places to visit and what you can expect at each port.

Shoes: Boy, they take up so much room! Try to bring a comfortable walking pair of shoes or sneakers, a pair of flip flops or sandals for being near the water and a dressy pair of shoes for those fancier evenings.

Check the weather: If you’re cruising through Europe in the summer, you’ll need to dress for the hot weather, but be sure to bring a light jacket or sweater because the temperatures may drop in the evening and the breeze on the vessel can make it feel even chillier. Don’t forget a raincoat and, of course, a swimsuit.

Incidentals: Don’t forget a small bag that you can use to put your camera and important items when you leave the vessel to go sightseeing

Keep in mind that many vessels have laundry services, so if you feel like these aren’t enough of outfits for your cruise, they can be washed and worn again.

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