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2017 “Discover China through the eyes of your Connoisseurs” road show presentations in London, Kitchener and Mississauga

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Travel industry professionals gathered together in London, Kitchener, and Mississauga last week for the “Discover China through the eyes of your Connoisseurs” presentations hosted by the China National Tourist Office (CNTO) and Trip Connoisseurs.


Over a luncheon presentation, guests heard the current and next year’s tourism theme at CNTO, highlights of Trip Connoisseurs products to China as well as an exciting new product line at Trip Connoisseurs called “Connoisseurs Experience“, unique journeys centered around exotic destinations, authentic events, local festivals, wilderness and wildlife adventures, or unique cultural encounters. Find more information on the Connoisseurs Experience journeys at


Agents were also introduced and reintroduced to Trip Connoisseurs and its products and services, giving them confidence in promoting China and in educating their clients. Many of the agents thought it was one of the best introduction to China and enhanced their understanding of China as a great destination. The name “Discover China through the eyes of your connoisseurs” was particularly praised as many thought it was truly a presentation made by “Connoisseurs”.


Stay tuned for more events coming up in some other areas of the country. Sign up the eNewletters for latest news at

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